Born to be great. It’s not Godly to be mediocre.

It’s not Godly to seek shelter in the womb of mediocrity but we often do it because we lack discipline, dedication and the ability to dream.

Discipline is simply doing what you ought to do even when you don’t want to do it. There was a time in my life when being mediocre was acceptable. When I look back at that time of my life now, I realize that I had successfully surrounded myself with mediocre people. These people would never hold me accountable for being less than excellent because they would have been correcting themselves as well.

My favorite thing to do now to remain disciplined is to start my day with devotionals from Wisdom Hunters instead of checking my Facebook and emails.

Dedication is being committed to a task or mission. Guess what happens when you don’t have a clear mission in life? You guessed correctly. You act mediocre and you spend your time with mediocre people doing mediocre things while complaining about it. I’ve been a less than dedicated person and I don’t regret it because I now know what not to be. My mission in life is to be significant and to serve millions. God gave me my beautiful wife Kelli Stewart to help me accomplish this.

The Stewart’s at the Annual L.E.A.D. Dinner With Champions Awards Celebration
My favorite thing to do now to remain dedicated is to serve black male students in Atlanta Public Schools through L.E.A.D. We develop Ambassadors that are empowered to lead their city of Atlanta to lead the world.

L.E.A.D. Ambassadors at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta
Dreaming is so much fun for me. God revealed so many great instructions to men in the Bible in the form of dreams and I feel that He does the same for me. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t have a plan for social equality, he had a dream. When you don’t dream, you live a life of mediocrity and you find yourself surrounded by mediocre people and doing mediocre things.

My favorite thing to do now to remain a dreamer is to spend time weekly sharing my dreams with dream catchers. Dream catchers aren’t quick to say what I can’t do. They think it through with me and challenge me with questions so that I can decide whether to move forward to make it a reality.

God wants to do more for us, with us and through us if we allow Him.

L.E.A.D.’s Core Value for September is Excellence (which is not even in the same air space as mediocrity).