Black History Month Legend of the Day: Smokey Robinson

My first introduction to music was listening to Smokey Robinson. Like Mars candy bars, my dad loved Smokey Robinson.

Back in the day, Mr. Robinson was revered as an accomplished artist. Today, he is a world icon.  Smokey wrote songs that brought people together in this country when we were still separated.

Over a period of time, most things stay the same and often time fade away.  Like my dad, Smokey continues to get stronger.

I am so glad that my dad introduced me to Smokey because I have been able to track his success. He has adjusted to the times yet maintained his identity. I strive to do the same. Before I approach the fourth quarter of my life, I want to be referred to as an icon. If so, that means that I have helped a lot of people.

Thank you dad for being great and thank you for introducing me to greatness at such a young age.