Black History Month Legend of the Day: Hosea Williams

I remember Tj Wilson taking me to Forsyth County for a batting session with Denny Pritchett while I was in high school. As we drove into the rural town, my heartbeat raced because I was looking for the Klansmen (KKK).  Thank God that I never saw them.

Ten years prior, I watched civil rights activist Hosea Williams marching in Forsyth and being attacked by Klansmen with rocks on television. I associated Forsyth County with hate towards blacks.

Ironically, Mr. Williams made it possible for me to receive baseball instruction so that I would later receive a college education at Georgia State University and play professionally for the Chicago Cubs.

Forsyth County became a land of opportunity for an African-American boy from the inner city of Atlanta.

Thank you Mr. Williams for your sacrifice and commitment to the equal rights of all humans. I will continue to show my appreciation to you through L.E.A.D.