Be mad without commitent or win with it

I’ve been fortunate to do and experience a lot of great things in my 38 years. One of the things that I struggled with the most as a young adult was commitment to excellence.

The simple definition of commit is to do or to perform. I failed in the area of commitment as a young adult due to a lack of maturation, attitude and discipline. Lacking the ability to commit caused madness for me.


I had to finally get to a place where I was sick and tired of myself. Lazy was becoming very comfortable for me and preventing me from committing to great opportunities. Experience is a great teacher.


I was raised by good parents and knew the difference between right and wrong at a very young age. I chose to have a bad attitude because it allowed me to get attention although for the wrong reasons.


Discipline boils down to doing what what you should do but don’t want to do. I didn’t commit to a lot of positive things that I should have committed to because I lacked discipline. I also had a bag full of excuses to go along with it.

2012 Georgia’s Trend Magazine 40 Under 40
As I have increased in age and grown grey hairs, I am proud to say that I am a committed man now. I am a fan of commitment now due to wisdom, integrity and nobility. By being committed, I’m a winner now.


I’ve messed up a lot and I’ve learned a lot. You have to go through some things to become a wise man. I can be committed to excellence now and it feels good.


Integrity is all about doing the right even when you don’t want to. I am a man of integrity now. Didn’t say that I was perfect but I can now be committed to excellence without others being suspicious of me.


When character became important to me I was able to remove the mask of consistent negativity and become a better character. It’s better to be considered as a noble man than an uncommitted child.