“Bad schools” can’t be referred to as a zoo

I commonly hear people refer to some low performing schools in the inner city of Atlanta as a zoo. I took the Jr. Ambassadors to the Atlanta City Zoo today and there was nothing negative about that environment.

L.E.A.D. Jr. Ambassadors D’Anthony Morrow (left) and Ryan Martin (right) pet the goats at the Atlanta Zoo

The animals are well trained. I observed a staff that was very patient despite dealing with some of the most ferocious animals and reptiles in the world.  My favorite animal at the zoo was the giraffe. Giraffes haven’t always had long necks. Through time, their necks stretched and became elongated in order to eat their food from the trees. The lesson to be learned for students is if you don’t evolve, you lose out on experiencing the necessities of life.

The Atlanta Zoo is a jewel in our city because it is the home of many animals from across the world. It’s less than 15 miles from several of our partner schools within the Atlanta Public Schools System.  Today was more than a field trip. This was a tour of an Atlanta major attraction  that provides another opportunity for our L.E.A.D. Jr. Ambassadors to develop a sense of belonging and investment to this great city.

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