American Explorers Feedback Day #4

You can do anything…what do you want to feel? 
-Luke O’Neill (American Explorers Executive Director)

As a child, all the adults would tell us students that we could be whatever we wanted to be and then they would recommend careers such engineering, law and medicine.

I never connected to those fields.  My heart was never in those fields so I never pursued them despite the feeling that I was letting people down for not becoming one of the “Big 3”.

CJ Stewart at Base Camp

As a child and young adult, my heart rested in playing baseball for the Chicago Cubs and serving others.  In addition to leading my family well, leading youth gets a lot of my heart and soul.

Luke and I had the discussion this week in Montana about people being able to do anything in life and the importance of doing what makes you feel good at the soul level.  Life is too short to neglect happiness.

American Explorers is not a camp.  It is 20 days of leadership development for 20 students from Atlanta in the mountains of Montana.  In July, another 10 students will travel from Atlanta, joining 10 young men and women from right here in Montana.

I asked 5 American Explorers students what they want to feel in life.

I want to feel like I’m changing other peoples lives. 
TJ Pittman (North Atlanta High School)

TJ Pittman

I want to feel like I can accomplish something in my life time. 
-Kami Boone (Henry W. Grady High School)

Kamryn Boone

I want to feel like I’m making a change in the world and positively changing other people lives. 
-Kalveion Heard (Booker T. Washington High School)

Kalveion Heard

I want to feel enjoyment in whatever it is that I am trying to accomplish. 
-Cameron Giles (Benjamin E. Mays High School)

Cameron Giles

I want to feel happiness. Happiness meaning the ability to smile without faking it. To be satisfied with my life and finally let go of my past and live a better future. 
-Re’Nae Dillard (KIPP Atlanta Collegiate)

Re’Nae Dillard