American Explorers Feedback Day #3

It’s too cold to complain so…

The energy used to complain can also be used by students here to participate in an activity they may not do in Atlanta. It was another cold morning and the girls made me warm by watching them play soccer while the boys were playing a rhythmic “foot game” of sorts. Scary thing is that when some teenagers get bored, they do stupid stuff. You have to be resourceful in the Montana mountains when you don’t have a phone and TV. Everyone is getting along well here. 17 more days to go and we are all becoming more effective leaders. 

Challenge by choice

Challenge by choice begs each person to be intentional with their engagement here at American Explorers. There are many opportunities to learn about yourself and others through conversations and activities. American Explorers Program Director, Zack Terakedis, simply asks that everyone make the choice to be challenged and do it with the right attitude. It also empowers the students to participate at a level that forces them to expand their comfort zones. 

I need you

American Explorers Executive Director, Luke O’Neill, makes this statement a lot. It is a very powerful statement that if you receive it, you become a great teammate. Atlanta Public Schools (APS) needs this statement to permeate throughout the district. American Explorers is developing the leadership skills of several of APS’s young minds here in Montana. Life just doesn’t work if you don’t have intentional and empowering people in your life.


Stop doing stuff and be happy

Some people go to school so that they can accomplish a lot in life. It’s cool to have a nice car, house and job and it’s even more amazing to be “happy”. This American Explorers opportunity gives each student the opportunity to understand what makes them happy and the ability to craft their personal mission, vision and goals for life. You learn how to win at the game of life here. 

Significance is a hike and not a sprint

To get from A to B here on the American Explorers ranch is a hike. Even the driveway is a 4 mile hike to the base camp. There is no way that you can be lazy here. Life has ups and downs and rigid roads. You have to stay on them though to reach your destination. It also helps to have a trusty compass because in life and hiking, if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.