American Explorers Feedback Day #2

Are you in need of anything?

You hear that a lot around here. This American Explorers team of experts and educators consist of intentional individuals that are committed to developing our 20 students from Atlanta. Everybody works together so well. The mission is very clear to serve here. If you don’t enjoy serving others, you will be found out and removed quickly I’m sure. 

Developing workforce

There are 20 students here on the ranch and they are American Explorers and I would hire each of them as full time employees right now if they didn’t haven’t go back to school in August. American Explorers Executive Director Luke O’Neill agrees with me on the future of the students. Luke and I have agreed to fight over who’s going to hire them. It would be a fight worth fighting.

Not a blank stare

Arthur Blank visited with the students today and I had an opportunity to speak with him. What I discovered is that he is a really intentional man when it comes to empowering others. I see it and feel it and I trust my intuition. It is so important for the students here to understand that they are philanthropists now in their own right. They also have the potential to serve millions with millions like Arthur one day as well. This man is way more than the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He believes in these 20 students that we call American Explorers.

No TV….only learning, reading and writing

I couldn’t watch a Heat/Spurs game if I wanted to because I have yet to see a TV. I have done some good Bible study, reading John Maxwell, learning about wildlife and the lives of others. You are really able to lock in on life here at American Explorers. We all have to take a pause to find out who we are the things that should be important to us. The American Explorers had a great scavenger hunt today on the ranch. They found a lot of stuff on the list and they are also finding themselves here as well. 

You eat and sleep to learn

Eating and sleeping isn’t done as a formality here. Your teammates are counting on you to bring energy everyday. The energy of the 20 American Explorers can literally light up a room. They know why they are here. There is something new to do and learn each day and it is difficult to do when people are tired because they were up all night. It’s also difficult to do if you are on a chips and soda diet. I haven’t seen a soda yet. Drinking tons of water my friend.