A new day for APS by way of a new culture in Atlanta

The world’s largest aquarium is located in Atlanta. Of course it would be along with the world’s busiest airport, the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and on and on.  And yes I am bragging because I love my city! The world can enjoy the Georgia Aquarium because of the generosity of Bernie and Billi Marcus.

There is so much to see in several rooms within the aquarium including huge whale sharks, a diversity of of animals found in rivers in South Africa, South America and Georgia. My youngest daughter Mackenna loved the beluga whales in Coldwater Quest.  My favorite was Dolphin Tales.

Today was another day of exposure that L.E.A.D. was able to provide our Jr. Ambassadors by visiting the Georgia Aquarium.  I am personally amazed at how so many different types of fish can live together in the same environment in peace. You have massive sharks in the same tank with otters and smaller fish and it’s not a threatening environment.  And how about the divers that share the tank space. You either have to be crazy or knowledgable about the fish and their behaviors.  He moves around casually as I would be at a Braves game.

I am encouraging our Jr. Ambassadors to strive to create and maintain a positive environment within their school. One without bullying. An environment that also allows the teacher to have control.  When I was in school, teachers were able to spend a lot of time teaching because they didn’t have to worry too much about disciplining us.  We can get Atlanta Public Schools back to excellence. Their are several social issues that students encounter that will make it difficult but it can be done.  A new culture will soon come that will influence excellence among students in the Atlanta Public School System and our Ambassadors will help lead the way.