A firm hand shake

There used to be a time when a firm hand shake really mattered. You weren’t even considered a man if your hand shake wasn’t firm back in the day according to my Uncle Bob Wilburn.  What happened to the firm hand shake? Why did it get lost?

Uncle Bob reminded me today that your hand shake says a lot about you without you even opening your mouth. “You are supposed to shake a man’s hand and look him right in the eyes so that he can know who you are!,” said my Uncle Bob with a confident voice that I admire.

So I guess that men and boys that don’t shake hands firmly and look you in the eyes lack confidence?  I would agree with that. Gaining confidence has a lot to do with winning in various areas of life. A down economy has caused a lot of men to lose their confidence but don’t underestimate the power of hope.  Hope and my faith in God carries me even when times are rough.  That is why I love baseball so much because you can strike every time today and get two hits tomorrow and still be considered great.

One of the distinct traits of my L.E.A.D. Ambassadors is that they all will shake your hand firm, look you in the eyes and speak to you with confidence. I don’t have to tell them to do it because my actions speak louder than my words.  When I discuss the issue of confidence with my Ambassadors, I remind them that regardless of your circumstances, you have the support of the L.E.A.D. community.  The L.E.A.D. community gets stronger every day because serving others is the Atlanta Way!

Summer is almost here and the Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors are developing into some of the best baseball players in the country.  Baseball like life is full of ups and downs. I invite you to come to our next game and firmly shake the hand of one of my Ambassadors. Look him in the eye, tell him your name and let him know that you are here to support him. My name is CJ Stewart and I am the proud founder of L.E.A.D.  I look forward to shaking your hand soon.

Go to www.Lead2Legacy.org to check out Ambassadors and Jr. Ambassadors game and event schedule.  Winning at the Game of Life!