5-Star Experience for L.E.A.D. at LakePoint Sports Complex

The L.E.A.D. Jr. Ambassadors team played at LakePoint Sports Complex for the first time today and it was a memorable experience. Four turf fields with great baseball being played on them.

There are three things that you must have when you enter their gates.


LakePoint Sports Complex is the home of Perfect Game and they attract more than your neighborhood rival teams. The start to a successful college and/or professional baseball career begins at Perfect Game tournaments for several players. This complex is the best in the world and the talent on the field compliments it. We played Miami Select today and they were impressive. We only gave up 9 runs on 2 errors and 3 walks today. The experience was well worth the financial investment for over 18 young men from Atlanta Public Schools that are using baseball as a “ticket out.”

Click here for Jr. Ambassadors action at LakePoint


I view any money spent here as an investment. It feels like home to me. Perfect Game has helped L.E.A.D. graduate inner city Atlanta black males from high school while launching them into college opportunities since 2007. This isn’t your standard $200 weekend tournament. The old saying is that “you get what you pay for.” We received 5-star treatment today.


The design of this place was well thought out. I particular like the scout towers allowing all of the fields to be visible for hundreds of MLB and college scouts. Baseball isn’t played for recreation here at all. Parking was great. The location off the exit is so convenient. We were also a relatively short drive from our Booker T. Washington High School home field near the Georgia Dome. We experienced a 30 minute rain delay and literally got on the field within 15 minutes after the rain stopped. That’s crazy!

Now I want our baseball field turfed at Booker T. Washington High School. It can happen.